Our advice

At Bottega al Mare in Jesolo, you can create your own style with the brilliance of Italian and international eyewear in a range of models, materials and colours which are able to match your taste and desire. Thanks to our experience, we listen and turn your ideas and requirements into aesthetic and functional solutions. Together, we will evaluate the most useful details to help you find the model which best suits your face and your daily routine. We will continue to renew our technologies and fashionable choices; evaluating trends to give you the glasses which best suit your personality.

Our advice.

Don’t wash your glasses with hot water; don’t take a bath or use the sauna wearing glasses: the lenses can be damaged by the heat.
When you aren’t wearing your glasses, if you let them hang from your neck it is easy to lose or break them. When carrying them around, it is better to use the appropriate case.
Don’t sleep wearing glasses.
If the glasses break, bring them to our shop to be repaired. Don’t try to repair them yourself. The use of glue would make our work impossible.
When you put your glasses on a table or on a shelf, place them with the lenses facing upwards so as not to damage them.
If your glasses get wet from rain, clean the lenses with a soft cloth as soon as possible: the drops of water can leave marks on the lenses.
When you have a little time and you are in good physical conditions, book an eye test.

Our cleaning and repair service is always free.

Contact us if you have any doubts or even just if you are curious. We will be pleased to help you.